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Everyday Happy: A Whistle While I Work

stained_heartI was listening to a Podcast this last week that talked about doing everything for God with JOY! It said, no matter what it was, do it 100% and do it for God. Whether you’re the CEO of a major corporation or a stay-at-home mom, do your “job” to the best of your ability and do it for our Father!

This devo really got to my heart! As a stay-at-home mom I always have plenty to do. I choose to be home with my kids. I love being able to be with them, but at the same time, day after day of the same routine gets old. And I, like most people that do the same thing day after day, sometimes do so grudgingly. It’s easy to get into a bad habit of doing it, just to have it done. In this, I am guilty.

So anyway, after hearing this Podcast I decided that I would do the laundry, WITH PURPOSE! Ha! The whole time I was doing it I was talking to God!

“Lord, I know you said to do this laundry for YOU! Lord, I know that it should be done 100% for YOUR glory, Lord I HATE LAUNDRY!! 🙂

That was the first chore I chose to do that day. I went on to each chore that day, “trying” to do my “best.” I just couldn’t get into the swing of it. I know, I felt like I should have it more together than this. I mean, in the big scheme of things this should’ve been the EASIEST thing that I could’ve been called to do. I love my family, why couldn’t I just enjoy doing it!? I mean, I love them. I love that I’m able to be home with them each day, so WHY COULDN’T I JUST GET IT DONE WITH JOY!? I kept on trying at it all week…

This morning, I noticed a definite change! While cleaning out the cabinets and rearranging the kitchen I realized I was WHISTLING worship songs! My heart was happy and I was joyful while cleaning the kitchen. After that, after realizing that I CAN enjoy every chore, while doing it for the glory of God, I did it ON PURPOSE the rest of the day! (Even while doing laundry!!)

I LOVE how the Lord works! It never ceases to AMAZE ME!

Today I was happy about working 100% for God, even in my own small way! Find something that needs to be done, no matter the size of the task, and set your heart to doing it for our Father! Honor Him. ❤