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The Season Of Good & Hurtful Lessons

There have been so many changes. Some days I can barely keep up.

A very successful business created from nothing and made into something, nearly overnight. A move to a bigger house that has become our refuge against the world. A happy home. Smiling children. Content parents. Enough money to pay our bills on time and the ability to help others financially at times! I feel in this season we have all grown closer as a family. Open communication between teenagers and parents! (That is success!) I feel that our youngest is finally beginning to see the big picture. She’s gained so much maturity and has such a loving heart. So many good changes!

There have been losses. Major losses. Some so painful I’m afraid the holes in my heart will never heal. People lost that I thought would be side by side with us for a lifetime. Gone. Over night.

If this season in life has taught me anything, it’s taught me God is my provider. He’s always on time. Never late, but usually never early. It has taught me I can survive anything. Even if my brain is telling me I cannot go another step, He keeps me going. It has taught me about the type of woman, wife, and mother I want to be. It’s taught me, contrary to what my brain says sometimes, I’m very truly blessed beyond my dreams. It’s taught me to hang on to the good stuff and let go of the bad as soon as my heart can stand it.

Leaving 2017 behind and moving into 2018 soon brings so much hope and promise to my heart. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I know God hold my future and I know He has been persistent in loving me since before time began. I know I can move forward without fear.


Everyday Happy: Family Time

I learned long ago that family doesn’t always share the same DNA. I’ve instilled this in my kids because they have many “family” members, aunts and uncle and ME, that became like family.

Last Sunday we went to church with our “family.” I think that is why we had such a powerful experience, because we were all there together, praying together for the restoration of our hearts. That service was truly amazing!

Last night my “brother” came to visit and stay the weekend with us. He and hubby went out hunting with my brother-in-law and my nephew. Then my “sister” showed up to spend the night also. We all got to sit around after their unsuccessful hunting , laugh and goof off. It was fun and times like those really warm my heart.

Family is important. God made families from the very beginning.

“Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”

Sometimes God has a different “family” for you than the one that was given to you at birth. No doubt we are to love our birth family, but God also gives us an “inherited” family. Friends that know you inside and out and love you through and through!

Getting through life on our own is a lonely existence. I’m thankful for my “family.” We may not share DNA, but we share what I think is more special, we share a true love and connection of hearts. Thank you Jesus for my friends that became family!