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UnBiological Mothers Day

It’s sooo easy in our daily lives to forget our worth as women. As wives. As mothers.

Mother’s Day is always a tough one for me. I have no biological children of my own. I do, however, have 3 beautiful children that I raise (as my own) each & every day. We’ve been a family for years now. They call me mama/mommy. They’re mine in every way except genetic makeup.

The enemy will use whatever he can to make you feel inferior. He’ll give you every lie that will rip up your insides. He’ll convince you you’re nothing. He’ll have you so confused, doubting yourself, if you let him!!

I got wrapped up in that negative self talk yesterday. It could’ve ruined my whole day, but instead God has surrounded me with people that know me. Love me. & refuse to let me discount the love my kids have for me. The blood, sweat, & tears I’ve given to raise them (just like everyday “real” mom’s.)

The enemy will never stop his lying trash talk, but luckily for us God goes before us ☆&☆ walks with us. We are never alone. He puts beautiful people in our lives so that when we do stumble or just feel like we’re just so unworthy, they can speak TRUTH & LIFE back into our hurting souls. People that can say, “Hey I know this is what you are thinking, but here’s REALITY!”

Biology is the least important factor in being a mother. Time. Love. Tears. Laughter. Prayers. Those ALL count more. Thank you Father for teaching this mother a very important lesson on Mother’s Day. ♡