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Everyday Happy: A Whistle While I Work

stained_heartI was listening to a Podcast this last week that talked about doing everything for God with JOY! It said, no matter what it was, do it 100% and do it for God. Whether you’re the CEO of a major corporation or a stay-at-home mom, do your “job” to the best of your ability and do it for our Father!

This devo really got to my heart! As a stay-at-home mom I always have plenty to do. I choose to be home with my kids. I love being able to be with them, but at the same time, day after day of the same routine gets old. And I, like most people that do the same thing day after day, sometimes do so grudgingly. It’s easy to get into a bad habit of doing it, just to have it done. In this, I am guilty.

So anyway, after hearing this Podcast I decided that I would do the laundry, WITH PURPOSE! Ha! The whole time I was doing it I was talking to God!

“Lord, I know you said to do this laundry for YOU! Lord, I know that it should be done 100% for YOUR glory, Lord I HATE LAUNDRY!! 🙂

That was the first chore I chose to do that day. I went on to each chore that day, “trying” to do my “best.” I just couldn’t get into the swing of it. I know, I felt like I should have it more together than this. I mean, in the big scheme of things this should’ve been the EASIEST thing that I could’ve been called to do. I love my family, why couldn’t I just enjoy doing it!? I mean, I love them. I love that I’m able to be home with them each day, so WHY COULDN’T I JUST GET IT DONE WITH JOY!? I kept on trying at it all week…

This morning, I noticed a definite change! While cleaning out the cabinets and rearranging the kitchen I realized I was WHISTLING worship songs! My heart was happy and I was joyful while cleaning the kitchen. After that, after realizing that I CAN enjoy every chore, while doing it for the glory of God, I did it ON PURPOSE the rest of the day! (Even while doing laundry!!)

I LOVE how the Lord works! It never ceases to AMAZE ME!

Today I was happy about working 100% for God, even in my own small way! Find something that needs to be done, no matter the size of the task, and set your heart to doing it for our Father! Honor Him. ❤



Comparing & Insecurities

The devil whispers to us through our negative thoughts. I’ve always been a woman of insecurity. I am not thin like the models in magazines. I don’t have the best hair, fashionable clothes, and most of the time I don’t wear makeup.

Insecurity happens when we listen to the devils voice inside our heads. The voice saying that we aren’t good enough. We don’t know what we’re doing. We’re a bad parent, spouse, friend…These thoughts transform into insecurity and insecurity is a very close cousin to fear!

This is the devils favorite game to play with us! If he can wiggle into our thoughts, he can make you start with the, “what ifs.” Once that game starts it’s hard to kick that habit. It’s a game that I played, unknowingly, for most of my life! It’s hard to step out with courage and faith, if we have constant feelings of insecurity and negative beliefs in ourselves.

I recently read about insecurity in a devotional called, “No More Perfect Moms.”

Insecurity says, “I can’t.”

Confidence says, “I can because God will show me how!”

The easiest way to stop these feelings of insecurity is to realize that God is the main key to REAL confidence! Learn to look at yourself and your life through the eyes of how God sees you. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Loved eternally by your one and true Creator. God doesn’t make junk!

Celebrate who you are, you were made for a purpose! You are enough! Learn to concentrate on your strengths. God endows each person with their own skills, gifts, and strengths. Yours are not meant for anyone else just as the strengths of others aren’t meant for you.

I was always comparing myself to other women. Thinking if I had what she had I’d finally be “happy.” If I could just get my kids to act better in public, I’d be less stressed out. If my husband would just spend more time with me I’d be happier. If I dressed a certain way I’d feel better. Constantly, comparing myself to others and what they have. Never being thankful for what I have…and I’ve been blessed with plenty!

Sometimes the devil is sneaky and I would compare myself to others without even really realizing it was happening. Comparing, I’ve learned, is a very slow process and causes real life problems. Before you know it, you lose touch with what you have. You lose gratification in your real life. The satisfaction with what you have erodes and you are left with feelings of jealousy and insecurity.

Comparing my life to the life of strangers on TV or in magazines or even friends was causing me to be discontent with my REAL life…My husband, my kids, and with myself.

The devil is a liar. A sneaky liar. He wears you down over time until you don’t remember what God has blessed you with.

The only way to stop this behavior is by leaning on Christ. Counting your blessings and submerging yourself in The Word. By doing these things I’ve begun to turn from the evil whisperings of the devil. Trust God with all of me. I know now that God has given me exactly what I need for now. I know that God has a plan for my life and the life of my family. There is so much freedom in believing in the TRUE love that God has for me.

Action: Do you ever feel insecure? Do you or have you ever had a problem with comparing yourself to others? I’d love to hear your story!

Be blessed. Keep your eyes on our Father! ❤

Devotional – Exodus 4:10

Today’s devotional was about insecurities and about doubting God.

The verse was Exodus 4:10

“Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.”

In this verse, God had called upon Moses to speak to the Pharoah about letting the Israelites out of Egypt. Instead of Moses leaning on, trusting, and having faith in the Creator, he doubted.

Insecurities can be a good thing if they call you to move and change. Left unchecked insecurities can cripple you and leave you paralyzed.

I know how insecurities can paralyze. I spent years and years thinking I wasn’t good enough. I let others treat me badly because I was insecure in myself.

The so called “pretty girls” intimidated me because their world of fashion and style was completely foreign to me. I’m a country girl at heart. I love fishing, hunting, and being outdoors. I never cared much about makeup or designer clothes, so when I would have to converse with women in fancy clothes and high dollar shoes it would make me feel small, uncomfortable, and downright clumsy with nervousness.

It’s nothing that those women did intentionally. It was my own issue. My own insecurity. The evil one spilled lies to my heart that I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t pretty enough. I wasn’t thin enough to be around women like that. Now I know better! ❤

In God’s Love I’m learning that He doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Sure, life can be uncomfortable, but my God promises to carry me if I’m too weak to walk on my own.

God believed in me before I was conceived. He made me. Everyday of my life he is molding me closer and closer to the person He has always intended me to be!

What a thought, right? He must love me very much to take so much time and effort to make me who He thinks I should be. I wasn’t an accidental experiment. He made me exactly how He wants me. God does not make mistakes. Every thought and motion is deliberate!

So, in the big scheme of things, it doesn’t matter what others think. It doesn’t matter how I feel. What matters is what God feels and he loves me through and through.

Dear Heavenly Father: Help me to see myself as You see me! I am but a human, I struggle and fall short. Help me Lord to not doubt you, but to always trust in You. Help me Lord to keep my eyes on You and care only about what You think of me, instead of what others think of me. In Jesus name, Amen!