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It’s Time To Bloom & Grow


For a long time now I’ve been after myself to start new. To try to create new habits. To work on a healthier and happier me. To BLOOM & GROW!

I’ve always made excuses. I’ve put it off. I’ve become the Queen Of Procrastination…& now the time has come for me to make some big changes.

A lot of the time I’m the type of person that puts every one else first. As a fulltime hands on (step)mom of 3 and a wife to a very outdoorsy/outgoing guy, I usually put myself on the back burner. Not on purpose, but because of all the hustle around the house there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. (Which is WHY I’m beginning this blog at nearly midnight…I rest my case! lol)

This change isn’t because of New Year nostalgia. I’ve been preparing for this for a long time. I guess it’s God pushing me to bloom and grow, for Him, for myself, and for my family. Stay tuned!