Hi & Welcome!

Bloom & Grow was created to hold myself accountable and to “journal” my journey through life. My thirst to know God. Kicking bad habits, negative thinking, raising kids. Just an overall overhaul of myself, my body, and my heart.

This site was created solely for myself. If someone comes along to read it, that’s fine, but it’s just me and my little laptop.

I’m a woman with a lot of questions, struggling/studying/praying on and for the answers. A fulltime hands on (step)mother raising 3 babies to be the best they can be. A wife that is totally and truly in love with a man who at times drives her batty.

For all those reasons you should know that I’m not a professional of any sort. Not a psychologist/therapist/life coach. I’m just a woman who wants/needs/craves change in her life. I’m just a woman taking each day step by step, little by little. Learning forgiveness and patience. Love and grace. Constantly working to keep my happy!

Please do stay awhile. Don’t forget to say hello. Again, welcome to Bloom & Grow!


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