Everyday Happy: New Faith & I’m A Sponge!

I was lost, but now I’m found! 🙂

Since rededicating my life I’ve been thirsty for The Word! I just want to soak it all up! I’m flying through pages left and right. I just can’t get enough.

We went to church for the first time as a full family this last Sunday. It was overwhelmingly perfect. To be surrounded by some of the people I love the most in life and stepping into a new life, a new me, was just FAN-TAS-TIC!

Today I’m happy because I am a new creation through Christ! I am happy. I am actively seeking and searching for God in all I do. I’ve felt a change, a shift in who I am. I mean, I’m still me, I didn’t morph into anything else, but I’m just a better version. Version 2.0+

Currently Reading: Keep Your Love On! By Danny Silk
It’s about real connections, communication & setting boundaries in relationships. Knowing your worth. Being powerful and kindhearted. It’s really good so far.


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