Everyday Happy: Pajamas & Crazy Socks

This everyday happy segment is supposed to spot light whatever makes us happy each day. Some posts will be serious and deeply meaningful, but today I’m happy for p.j.’s and crazy socks! 🙂

On days like this, muggy and drizzling rain, and just not feeling like getting out of bed I love to just lounge around in my pajamas and socks. My hair is up in a bun on top of my head. Sitting “Indian style” on my bed, typing away.

I guess this is probably when I am most comfortable. When I’m in my own little area. Writing/reading/crafting whatever makes me smile/laugh/cry. I’m the type of person that loves lots of quiet/alone time (chaos/commotion makes me batty!), which let’s be honest, I have 3 kids so that doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s glorious! ❤

I love my lounging attire because I can just be me. No impressing. No putting on a face to show the world. It’s just me and my p.j.’s and my socks that fit me, whether I’ve gained or lost that same 5 lbs.


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